🔰digit over bot🔰

✅Initial stake -0.35$

✅Splitted martingale

✅Minimum deposit-30$-50$

✅bot price -20$

Description -

 Digit over is one of the best strategy in binary bot . Our bot got 80% win ratio in every trade, only at digit 0,1 we got loss. Due to that we need a backup plan , a martingale . But in normal bot the martingale is too high so it leads to account wipe out . But in our bot we implemented a new martingale strategy , called SPLITED MARTINGALE. In SPLITED martingale  we can do martingale in 3 steps . The single big martingale will split to 3 , so wipe out issue will gone . We can trade more than usual martingale by using our bot.

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