One Tick Call Only Bot : Fast Call Only Bot

        One Tick Call Only Bot 

 One tick call only bot is one of the best trading strategy, The bot will place very fast and the trade will end in one second so its a fast call only bot . Still  it got a special market  strategy. The market can not be changed because the bot is work with a single market perfectly , so don't change the bot market. We added normal martingale in this bot ,so the bot will automatically cover the loss . You can expect upto 6 martingale in a raw.

       The minimum capital for this bot is 50$ and the bot can take trade with 0.35 $. Also stop loss and targets are settled in the bot. The bot is a market based low risk bot with 90% return in every trade . Each trade got 50% winning ratio. Overall we got 70% winning with this bot. Following good market will give you more winning trades . Its better to run in trending market with good movement.

                  In this bot we add a highly profitable strategy. This bot is fast in running also we add martingale steps. So it will easily cover all loss. Still you need to follow some rules , Don't over run this bot,take maximum 10 trades in continues and stop . Making 5 -10% of capital is good for this bot .First check it on demo and run this bot on your own risk.

Bot Trading Results :

How to work :

Step 1 : create an account in or

Step 2 : open binary bot trading app or site page

Step 3 : upload .XML bot file

Step 4 : Run the bot

Step 5 : make money ,stop after your target

Binary Bot settings :

Initial stake  : 0.35$

Stop loss        : 10$

Target profit : 5$

Recommended balance :50$

                      1 Tick Call Only Bot



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