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          Barrier Bot Call Only

Barrier bot is one of the simplest strategy used in binary trading . It is a fast bot working mainly in uptrend market , call is the only trading method in this bot . So it is better to run in uptrend market .  Being a market based bot it is quit good performing one , market trend is one of the main thing in this bot . Th bot will provide better result in uptrend , so avoid down trend market  for better results .

   The bot is really different to use. We can set it's initial stake and profit without changing the blocks . We can start the bot from 0.35 $ . Also for loss covering we added normal double martingale steps in it . So it will cover the loss fast . In every trade it got 50 % winning ratio. But overall working is really good , we got 70 % winning ratio. Stop loss and target you need to set at the starting . So please select it according your capital . It's better to start with 1% of your capital.   

   In this bot we add a highly profitable strategy. This bot is fast in running also we add martingale steps. So it will easily cover all loss. Still you need to follow some rules , Don't over run this bot,take maximum 10 trades in continues and stop . Making 5 -10% of capital is good for this bot .First check it on demo and run this bot on your own risk.

Bot Trading Results :

How to work :

Step 1 : create an account in or

Step 2 : open binary bot trading app or site page

Step 3 : upload .XML bot file

Step 4 : Run the bot

Step 5 : make money ,stop after your target

Binary Bot settings :

Initial stake    :  0.35 $

Stop loss        :  35$

Target profit   :  5$

Recommended balance : 50$

                                                               Barrier Bot Call Only



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